I offer one-on-one online coaching options,
for both adaptive and non-adaptive athletes!

Here’s some questions you may have after reading that sentence…

Do I have to be fit or want to compete to work with you?

Of course not! The point of starting is to start, and we will always focus on progress over perfection. If you’re looking to compete, I can certainly provide insight and strategy for you, but it’s not required. If you just want to move to move, I got you.

Is your style for me? 

My style is probably for you if you can resonate with all or most of these statements: 

You’ve lifted before but wouldn’t consider yourself an expert. You know your way around a barbell, but don’t know the first thing about creating your own plan or how to improve your power clean. You like to ask questions, maybe bordering on the skeptical side of things, but once you understand the “why,” you get the job done and are not about to halfass anything. You want encouragement and accountability, not someone who is going to feed you fake pansy fluff.

If you want 30 day “booty blasters” and the “3 tips to fastest fat loss tips,” I am absolutely NOT the trainer for you. If you want to start a program that will focus on both physical and mental habits, consistency, and functional fitness designed to last long-term, then let’s chat. 

What does online coaching even look like?

First and foremost, you and I have an initial chat to go over your goals, experience, and what you’re looking for. I want to make sure we are a good fit before you jump all in and I ask for a financial and time commitment. If we both decide to move forward, your program will be completely individualized for you. The program will include 3-5 workouts/week, one of which will act as an “optional active rest” day (not a typical strength training session). We will decide how many workouts, which lifts to include, style of workout, and the length all based on our initial call.

Your program will include regular communication via the True Coach app, and potentially additional weekly video calls with Yours Truly, depending on which program option you choose.

How much does it cost?

I offer 2 options:  

$250/mo – this plan includes 3-5 workouts/week, and daily communication via the True Coach app. Again, this plan is personalized to you. The type of programming and variation of movements will depend on your history, goals, and current strengths and weaknesses.

$325/mo – this plan includes all of the above, including a 30 minute weekly video call with me each week. The function of these calls will be decided together. (Ex. further explanation and coaching of certain movements, mental coaching, accountability towards your goals, both physical and mental).

Is there a required time commitment?

Every person that trains with me signs up for a minimum of 3 months, although you can pay monthly. This length of time allows you to get through at least one full strength training cycle, and also allows us time to learn each other as a team and move past that initial “awkward, overly nice” stage. We’re here to be real and get real results, both mentally and physically. 

What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?

I’mma be straight up because that’s just how I roll – absolutely no refunds, for any reason. This is because:

1) We’ve already laid out goals and expectations together before we even begin. I’m in it, and so are you. You don’t quit on me, and vice versa.

2) You are not only paying for my knowledge, encouragement, and the workout program itself – you are investing to also receive my time and energy, which is the most valuable thing I can give you. What you choose to do with that is up to you. You don’t subscribe to Netflix and ask for a refund if you skip TV for a week – same goes here. I’m here to provide a valuable and potentially life-changing service, but it’s up to you to put in the work.

Do you offer nutritional plans?

Long and short of it, I do not. I can offer general advice and guidance, and direct you to other licensed resources, but I am not a licensed nutritionist or dietitian. I can, however, help provide tips or accountability based on a nutrition plan already constructed for you. I do this through coaching via the 1st Phorm app, which will provide you with a macro plan based on current activity level and goals.  Click here to start!

Still intrigued? Click the link below to send me your info, and I’ll set up a time for us to chat.

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