October BETA Launch is Here!

“Live by Example” is a mantra both myself and my coach Scooter aim to live by. We believe the best way to lead is by doing first ourselves, before asking of others. So, it’s what we’ve decided to name our daily workout program.  

“Live By Example” features a daily “metcon,” which is a fancy word to describe a type of strength and conditioning workout. It will include links to videos showing how I adapt the movements as a lower extremity athlete, as well as Scooter showing the non-adaptive version. 

Before we offer this program as an automatic subscription renewal, we are starting with a Live by Example “BETA” group, which essentially means y’all get to start as a test group at a discounted rate. For a one-time payment of $26.99, you’ll get 4 weeks of Live By Example, as well as access to a private Facebook page where you can share and ask questions from other members of the BETA group and myself. Together we’ll learn what you guys love about the program, what adjustments you may like to see, and overall how it can be improved as we continue on.

This group’s program runs by days of the week. Sundays are motivational, meaning the email is blog-style and includes a focus for the week. Thursdays will be “active rest days,” so movement is at your discretion and you will not receive a particular workout. The rest of the days, you will receive the daily metcon email.

We start October 16 with your first motivational email, so no time to waste! Sign up now and mark your calendars, kiddos and cadets. This is gonna be fun.

If you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger on the BETA test but want updates as the program develops and is offered as a monthly subscription (mind you, at a higher monthly rate), you can join my free email list to stay clued in along the way.